ELEMENT - The Quarter Aerial

Element The Quarter – Phase 3

Don’t miss out on this revolutionary eco-property today. Limited units are available. Act now or run the chance of missing out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!

As the first-ever eco-development of its kind in the North West, ELEMENT – The Quarter is set to revolutionise the future of residential living.

Ideally located in Liverpool’s thriving tech hub, the Knowledge Quarter, and found just 350m away from the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, you won’t find a better living opportunity for professionals than here.

Featuring a host of pioneering eco-technology, this Avant-Garde development will be the most eco-friendly place in Liverpool.

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From Liverpool Royal Hospital
Trees Planted For Every Unit Sold

One of its most defining attributes is its futuristic smart technology. This includes a central management “brain” that can detect and regulate temperature usage in every room.

In practical terms, it means no more energy wastage. If the central heating has been left in use in a vacant room, the impressive and intelligent server will recognise this and reduce the temperature.

Gone are the days of accidentally leaving on central heating. Thanks to ELEMENT – The Quarter, no more money or energy will be wasted.

Huge Capital Growth

According to Savills, property prices are set to increase by 28.8% by 2025 – the highest growth rate in the country.

Top Regeneration Zone

ELEMENT – The Quarter is located in the Knowledge Quarter, a regeneration zone with £2 billion worth of investment.

Liverpool has been completely transformed over the last few decades.

Billions have been pumped into the local area helping to build one of the fastest-growing economies in the UK.

Recent statistics from Savills suggest a mammoth 28.8% growth in house prices by 2025. This is the highest predicted growth in the country and shows just how fast the property market is set to expand in the region.

It’s vital to act now before house prices get even higher. In the last 20 years alone, prices in the region have grown by over £100,000.