ELEMENT - The Quarter phase 1

Element The Quarter – Phase 1

Selling out in record time, our Element- The Quarter phase one development is set to take the North West by storm with its revolutionary eco-concept.

Unlike any other development in Liverpool, ELEMENT – The Quarter is the first eco-development of its kind in the city.

Featuring pioneering eco-technology, the development is set to be released in five phases, with the first two already quickly selling out thanks to its exciting premise.

Putting the smart in smart technology, ELEMENT – The Quarter houses some of the most intelligent technology ever brought to a residential home, making it the perfect destination for eco-conscious professionals.

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From Liverpool Royal Hospital
Trees Planted For Every Unit Sold

Along with a sophisticated rainwater recycling system, this avant-garde build also contains a high-tech and futuristic central “brain” used to monitor the entire building’s energy output.

Here, the central business management server can regulate the temperature in rooms across the build and can even detect an open window.

It then regulates the temperature to a cooler level if it detects energy waste, intelligently reducing energy bills and energy wastage to unrivalled levels.

That’s not all, though. Along with solar panels and energy-efficient LED lighting, the development has a futuristic Shower Save System. Here, the heat from wasted shower water can be transferred into freshwater, drastically reducing energy usage.

Coupling this with a system that can absorb heat from the air for use in the building and redistributing heat throughout the development, and you have an innovative and breath-taking prospect never before seen in the thriving metropolis of Liverpool.

This exciting development will be the future of residential buildings. More needs to be done to save the planet, and this fantastic Liverpool property is leading the charge for turning the nation carbon neutral.

Invest today and grab the chance of investing in a property unlike any in Liverpool at the moment.

Luxury On-site Facilities

With access to a fantastic games room, cinema, gym, concierge, and a work-from-home area, ELEMENT – The Quarter is the ultimate property for 2021 and beyond.

Low Service Charge

Thanks to The Quarter’s revolutionary eco nature, the service charge is lower than other developments, estimated at just £2.50 per square foot.

But this exciting eco-technology is only just one part of the bargain when it comes to ELEMENT – The Quarter.

Thanks to an unrivalled location, young professionals from across the city will be grasping at the chance of living in such a hot city centre location.

ELEMENT- The Quarter can be found in the bustling Knowledge Quarter. The area is Liverpool’s central tech hub, featuring global businesses developing inspiring nanotechnology.

The Knowledge Quarter has been transformed over the decades, with a recent £2 billion regeneration effort.

Work continues here still, with incredible projects like Paddington Village and Liverpool Science Park helping develop technology that will be used across the globe.