Manchester Property Investment

If you’ve ever considered buying property, chances are Manchester property investment has crossed your mind. 

Putting the Great in Greater Manchester, this prime city is perhaps the worst kept secret of the investment world.  

While Manchester has had a rough past, particularly struggling economically in the 1980s with the fall of traditional manufacturing, it has gone on to become a world-class destination in the UK property market.  

Manchester property investment has reached incomparable heights thanks to massive growth over the past two decades. If you want to invest somewhere, this is the place to do it. 

But why has all this growth happened? Why is Manchester property investment the definitive property hotspot? 

If you’re looking for answers to all these questions and more, you’ve come to the right place.  

In this guide from ELEMENT Developments, we will outline why you should invest in Manchester and discuss some of the hottest flats to buy in Manchester.  

Why Invest in Manchester?

So, why invest in Manchester?  

The truth is that buy to let Manchester property is one of the best investments in property you can make in the UK in 2021. 

Few cities can even compete with the level of growth rental property Manchester has seen over the past two decades. 

More investors than ever are opting for Manchester property investment, and there’s plenty of reasons for this.  

The city is one on the rise. Over £1.6bn has been pumped into the region from the Northern Powerhouse initiative alone, with plenty of regeneration efforts dotted across the metropolis. 

With further infrastructure advancement like a new HS2 line set to be developed over the coming years and more people being attracted to live in the city, house prices and the Manchester buy to let market have continued to grow and thrive. 

It is the leader of the pack, alongside Liverpool property investment, in almost every measurable way. 

From economic strength, house price growth, rental yields, rental prices, rental demand, and affordability, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a city even close to what the Northern Powerhouse offers.  

But these are all just words, right?  Let’s use some statistics to back up these claims. 

A Student City Like No Other

A large part of the increasing population figures can be strongly linked to the rise in students living in Manchester. 

As a buy to let property Manchester investor, students and young professionals are likely the most exciting demographic to target. 

This is because of “generation rent.” 

Here, many young people simply cannot afford to buy their own homes anymore due to hiking houses prices. 

As an alternative, they are forced to rent, which is good news for those looking to invest and buy property in Manchester. 

Alongside the Liverpool property market, Manchester has one of the busiest student property sectors in the UK.

In a June 2020 survey, Savills found that half of those who responded would look at renting if they could not find a property in six months.  

Half of those still said they would do so happily, perhaps suggesting a broader trend that people choose to rent as part of a lifestyle choice. 

Manchester currently boasts the largest student population in Europe, with current figures suggesting a population surpassing the 100,000 mark.  

It isn’t just domestic students that are flocking to the North, though. Manchester universities have a global reputation. 

This reputation has attracted over 10,000 international students to the University of Manchester alone. In fact, around one in eight students in Manchester are Chinese. 

Many students flock to the Northern Powerhouse, but a more significant number choose to stay and work in the area.  

Manchester currently has the second-highest graduate retention rate in the UK, sitting at a staggering 51% – second only to London.  

That means over half of those graduating from the city choose to live and work in the city limits. 

These numbers are great for those interested in property investment Manchester, as it gives investors more choice on what Manchester buy to let property they choose to buy. 

Manchester property investors can either invest in student accommodation and student property investment or traditional Manchester city centre property, which offer some of the best prices and highest yields available on the market. 

Excellent Transport Links and Amenities 

Due to the high population, property investment Manchester offers some of the best opportunities on the market. But why do so many people flock to the city? 

Besides the massive employment opportunities caused by a wealth of regeneration, the city offers fantastic amenities making it one of the best places to live. 

With a nightlife scene to rival any in the UK, Manchester offers residents an unrivalled range of restaurants, bars, and leisure attractions.  

As well as featuring one of the most iconic shopping centres in England with the Trafford Centre, the city also provides some of the biggest cultural events in the North West. 

The Northern city hosts events like Parklife Festival, Manchester International Festival, and The Warehouse Project, attracting thousands of visitors each year.  

It’s unsurprising to hear then that Manchester was voted the best UK city to live in, according to the Global Liveability Survey.  

But it’s not just the amenities that make Manchester special. It also has some of the best infrastructures with excellent transport links. 

Boasting access to two major train stations in Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Oxford Road, getting in and out of the city is exceptionally easy. 

And for those travelling locally to reach their jobs, or just to meet up with friends, the city-wide Manchester Metrolink is perfect. 

The tram network has around 99 stops across 65 miles of tracks, making it the most extensive light rail system in the UK. 

These transport links are set to improve even further still with the introduction of HS2. 

There are several HS2 affected postcodes in the city, namely the Piccadilly area. 

The High-speed rail system will cut travel times by massive levels for those travelling to and from Manchester. 

With the new HS2 services from Manchester Piccadilly, travellers can now get to Birmingham and London in 40 and 67 minutes. This is a considerable time saver as travelling to the West Midlands currently takes around 88 minutes, with London services taking 127 minutes. 

Greater Manchester has seen a 26% increase in rail traffic over the last decade, so these services in HS2 affected postcodes will greatly help the load placed on the transport systems. 

A Regeneration Hotspot 

The mystery of why Manchester investment property has become such a tempting offer is down to the frankly staggering regeneration levels in the area. 

Regeneration has far exceeded the billion-pound mark, with multiple billion-pound regeneration efforts dotted across the metropolis. 

Here is a list of some of the most outstanding efforts the city has seen. 

If you’re wondering why the population of aspiring professionals has increased so much, this regeneration zone is likely why. 

Spinningfields is perhaps one of the most famous UK regeneration initiatives. Located in the heart of Manchester city centre, and valued at around £1.5 billion, Spinningfields is a world-class business hub.  

Home to over 150 top financial and commercial businesses, the area has since been dubbed the Canary Wharf of the North.  

The project saw the renovation of a decrepit college campus. Since then, it is now one of the best business quarters in the UK.  

Work has continued on the project still, with as recently as 2018, a new skyscraper was opened. It is the tallest office building in Manchester and stands impressively at 302ft high. 

Businesses here are attracting thousands of young professionals, undoubtedly contributing to the rise of property investment Manchester. 

Best Buy to Let Areas in Manchester – Where to Find Manchester Investment Property for Sale

If you’re looking to buy property in Manchester and find top Manchester investment property for sale, this section is for you. 

Here we will cover the absolute best areas for buy to let property Manchester offers. We will assess the best postcodes in Manchester using various factors, including property prices, growth statistics, and rental yields. 

So, if you want to find property to buy in Manchester, you should consider the following best buy to let areas in Manchester. 

Average Property Asking Price: £264,427 (Zoopla) 

Average Rental Yield: 4.95% 

Where better to invest than in the city centre? Manchester city centre offers an unquestionably fantastic opportunity and is one of the prime locations if you consider student or residential buy to let property in Manchester. 

With a vast population, thousands of businesses, and excellent price growth, you can be sure to find huge demand for property for sale in Manchester city centre. 

Flats for sale in Manchester city centre starts, on average, from just £183,255 for a one-bedroom flat. This means apartments to buy in Manchester city centre are far cheaper than in other cities.  

London, for instance, has one-bedroom flats on offer at a much higher price. In fact, London flats cost a staggering 72% more than flats for sale in Manchester city centre. 

Apartments to buy in Manchester city centre also come equipped with huge yields of 5.76%. 

If you are looking for two-bedroom houses for sale in Manchester city centre, these can be a little more expensive, with property values around £376,245, according to Zoopla. Again, though, these offer a fantastic deal when you compare with London prices, which are 61.46% higher.  

Overall, yields for Manchester city centre property are considerably above the UK average, sitting at just under 5%.  

Whether you choose to look for apartments to buy in Manchester city centre or opt for houses for sale in Manchester city centre, you can be sure to get an excellent deal. 

Explore Manchester Property Investment Hotspots 

Manchester is a varied cityscape, with a number of popular destinations thousands call home. 

To help you choose what type of locations and areas you may want to find property to buy in Manchester, let’s take a brief look at some of the most popular investment hotspots in the city. 

2021 Predictions- How Will Property Investment Manchester Change?

It is about to be a very significant year for the property market. 

After Covid-19 struck in early 2020 and Brexit was finally implemented in 2021, the property market has seen a wealth of uncertainty over the past 12 months. 

With many thinking the property market was doomed to fail because of these factors, it has been a great surprise to see just how strong the industry has grown. 

Last year was a record-breaking one, with unbelievable market statistics prompting massive investment in the industry. 

The fantastic Stamp Duty Land Tax Holiday has prompted investors from across the globe to invest in areas like Manchester, with promises of making huge savings up to £15,000. Stamp duty is paid when purchasing UK property, but thanks to the tax holiday, investors could save thousands. 

But with the tax holiday ending in June 2021, and the impact of Brexit yet to be seen on UK property, what do the experts think will happen over the next 12 months? 

Well, it’s good news for property investors and the UK property market. 

While growth rates are likely to decrease after the unbelievable 2020, property prices are predicted to increase by around 4% in 2021, according to Rightmove and Savills. For comparison, property increased by about 7.3% in 2020. 

When it comes to property investment in Manchester, you are likely to see similar positive growth. 

Industry experts Savills believe prices in the North West will increase by over 28.8% by 2025. These are huge numbers, and it’s clear that there has never been a better time to make investments in property and invest in UK cities. 

Invest With Top Property Investment Companies Manchester

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to Manchester property investment.  

Manchester is a prime city with fantastic available properties in a thriving rental market. 

Investing in UK property has never been better than it is now. Average house prices are rising at fantastic levels, making investments in property a perfect asset.  

Whether you want to buy property Manchester, or the North West as a whole, be sure to contact ELEMENT developments today. 

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