ELEMENT - The Quarter Aerial

Element The Quarter – Phase 2

Welcome to ELEMENT – The Quarter phase two, the first eco-development of its kind in Liverpool.

After an incredible start to phase one, with it selling out in record time, phase two has followed suit and is now completely sold out.

So why are so many investors excited about ELEMENT – The Quarter?

This inspiring, Avant-Garde development offers investors the chance to invest in the future of residential housing.

Prices From
From Liverpool Royal Hospital
Trees Planted For Every Unit Sold

ELEMENT – The Quarter has been painstakingly crafted to the highest luxury specifications possible, all while boasting the identity of the most eco-friendly place in Liverpool.

This title is thanks to a host of pioneering and revolutionary eco-technology, typically only reserved for the most luxurious hotels in the country.

The Liverpool building offers some seriously impressive smart technology that is helping residents save hundreds on energy bills.

One of the most impressive technologies in ELEMENT- The Quarter is the fantastic and futuristic central management server.

Acting as the brain of the entire project, the server can monitor, manage, and regulate the temperature in rooms across the building.

This means if central heating has been on, but no one is home, the server will reduce and regulate the temperature – completely revolutionising energy usage for tenants.

It can even detect if a window has been left open!

A Student Haven

There are over 70,000 students found in Liverpool across three world-class universities, with an above-average graduate retention rate.

No.1 Destination

Liverpool is currently the number one destination in the UK for computer science research. This technology backbone attracts thousands of workers each year.

While its eco-technology is making headlines, ELEMENT – The Quarter also boasts an unrivalled location for professionals.

Sitting just 350m away from Merseyside’s largest and busiest hospital, the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, workers won’t be able to find luxury living so close to their jobs.

Likewise, ELEMENT- The Quarter is ideally situated on the doorstep of the Knowledge Quarter, an area that acts as the beating heart of Liverpool’s fantastic technological scene.

The city ranks in the top 10 for business start-ups, and with thriving areas like the Knowledge Quarter, it’s easy to see why.

Over £2 billion of investment has been spent on the area, which has attracted some of the UK’s most brilliant minds to create fantastic nanotechnology in the city’s limits.